How we help

Aptitude for uncertainty

In a world with more challenges, organisations expect more of themselves and the people that work for them, making learning a strategic factor for competitiveness and dealing with increased complexity that the business environment confronts. Let us take your leadership team on a journey of developing an aptitude for uncertainty.

  • Have a positive identity and self-view
  • Demonstrate resilience and optimism
  • Embrace a worldview which accepts uncertainty
  • Consistently practice effective sense-making strategies
  • Engages others with focus and adaptability while displaying communication savvy
  • They are mindful of uncertainty in life and appreciate this in the context of daily living
  • They are willing to learn from uncertainty and able to learn from their experiences and take it forward into future encounters
  • They take time to reframe and make sense of uncertain experiences with other people to contemplate the appropriate action
  • They remain calm in the face of uncertainty and allocate time for reflection on their experiences
  • They add value to others by having conversations to gather different perspectives emotional support
  • They are able to adapt their priorities and planning in the face of uncertainty

Inspirational people managers

Leading teams through uncertain times and business pressures is no small task. We can coach and facilitate development for line managers, from setting clear expectations and having a vision for their team, to facilitating their team’s learning and performance. We must admit that this audience is our favourite to work with, since one effective line manager can influence the performance of several other people.

  • Manager coaching
  • Providing team members with feedback
  • Clear expectations and objectives
  • Enable day-to-day accountability with people
  • Leadership efficiency

Cultivating leadership

How to accelerate leadership impact in this ever changing business environment? How can we help your organization with the WHY, HOW and WHAT around value-based leadership and organizational culture? “Whether they’re individuals or organizations, we follow those who lead not because we have to but because we want to. We follow those who lead not for them but for ourselves” – Simon Sinek

  • Individual leader coaching
  • Coaching supervision

Workplace performance coaching

Leaders often need coaching time to be mindful and get ‘unstuck’. Whether a leader needs to develop performance relationships with their team, collaborate better with the broader organization or become more strategic and less operational, we can offer impactful coaching to develop their leadership capabilities.

Micro-learning solutions

We launched a micro-learning platform for the International region of a Pharmaceutical company in 2015 and provided Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa with support for successful platform launches, strategic content development and the measuring of micro-learning impact.

Marichen was invited as a speaker at the Axonify Community Conference in Toronto that took place in October 2019. She shared best practice about utilising micro-learning data to improve business outcomes. Let us help you start or optimize your micro-learning journey!

Collaborative teams

Do you have the building blocks for an effective team in place? Is your team on the same page? Our strengths-based team workshops create an understanding of the team’s methods of working and how to utilize the human resources of the team, to its full potential.

  • Strengths-based assessment
  • Building an effective team
  • Turning dysfunction into function

Impactful sales conversations

We have both led and managed a variety of sales forces and understand the intricacies of sales force effectiveness. Building selling skills competency is one of our passions and we would love to assist you in taking your sales team to the next level of performance.

  • Communication skills
  • Selling skills
  • Sales conversation development

Developing your people

Don’t leave ‘what good looks like’ up to interpretation. We can assist in developing a capability framework with clear behaviours and levels for easy observation and assessment. Let’s help you link your capability framework to your internal performance management system, talent management or career ladders as well as your coaching framework.

  • Capability frameworks
  • Performance management
  • Career ladder & Talent management
  • Mentorship programs

Engaging learning environments

We design content that is aligned to business strategy and expected outcomes. Interactive and thought- provoking activities enable us to assist adults to learn from reflecting on their experiences. One thing that has not changed from childhood is that we all learn best while having fun.

  • Workshop activities
  • Blended learning programs
  • Micro-learning programs

Interactive workshops & learning programs

Whether it’s a small or large group, we facilitate engaging and interactive workshops. We follow adult learning and instructional design principals which consider learning readiness, autonomy in the learning process, engagement and practical workplace application.

  • Company values workshop (making values practical and tangible)
  • Strategic brain-storming facilitation
  • Small to large groups skills development workshops (includes pre-workshop learning and post-workshop embedment) (The sales conversation, People management, Leadership capability for uncertainty, Performance management)
  • Team effectiveness workshop
  • Learning styles workshop
  • Mentorship workshop